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Muriel ou Le temps d'un retour

Download Muriel ou Le temps d'un retour Dvdrip

Release Date : 1963 (1h 57min)

Genres : ,Drama

Director : Alain Resnais ,

Writers : Jean Cayrol ,

Stars : Delphine Seyrig , Jean-Pierre Kérien , Nita Klein ,

Synopsis and details :

In the seacoast town of Boulogne, Hélène sells antique furniture, living with her step-son, Bernard, who's back from military duty in Algiers. An old lover of Hélène's comes to visit - ...

The Man from Laramie

Download The Man from Laramie Dvdrip

Release Date : 1955 (1h 44min)

Genres : ,Drama,Western

Director : Anthony Mann ,

Writers :

Stars : James Stewart , Arthur Kennedy , Donald Crisp ,

Synopsis and details :

A stranger defies the local cattle baron and his sadistic son by working for one of his oldest rivals.

McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force

Download McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force Dvdrip

Release Date : 1965 (1h 30min)

Genres : ,Comedy,War

Director : Edward Montagne ,

Writers :

Stars : Joe Flynn , Tim Conway , Bob Hastings ,

Synopsis and details :

The crew of PT-73 are in trouble again when Ensign Parker is mistaken for a pilot and gets shanghied into the Air Force.

Il grande silenzio

Download Il grande silenzio Dvdrip

Release Date : 1968 (1h 45min)

Genres : ,Western

Director : Sergio Corbucci ,

Writers :

Stars : Jean-Louis Trintignant , Klaus Kinski , Frank Wolff ,

Synopsis and details :

A mute gunfighter defends a young widow and a group of outlaws against a gang of bounty killers in the winter of 1898, and a grim, tense struggle unfolds.

Let's Make Love

Download Let's Make Love Dvdrip

Release Date : 1960 (1h 59min)

Genres : ,Comedy,Musical,Romance

Director : George Cukor ,

Writers :

Stars : Marilyn Monroe , Yves Montand , Tony Randall ,

Synopsis and details :

When billionaire Jean-Marc Clement learns that he is to be satirized in an off-Broadway revue, he passes himself off as an actor playing him in order to get closer to the beautiful star of the show, Amanda Dell.

Ride the High Country

Download Ride the High Country Dvdrip

Release Date : 1962 (1h 34min)

Genres : ,Western

Director : Sam Peckinpah ,

Writers : N.B. Stone Jr. ,

Stars : Joel McCrea , Randolph Scott , Mariette Hartley ,

Synopsis and details :

An ex-union soldier is hired to transport gold from a mining community through dangerous territory. But what he doesn't realize is that his partner and old friend is plotting to double-cross him.

The Fortune Cookie

Download The Fortune Cookie Dvdrip

Release Date : 1966 (2h 5min)

Genres : ,Comedy,Romance

Director : Billy Wilder ,

Writers :

Stars : Jack Lemmon , Walter Matthau , Ron Rich ,

Synopsis and details :

A crooked lawyer persuades his brother-in-law to feign a serious injury.

Halls of Montezuma

Download Halls of Montezuma Dvdrip

Release Date : 1951 (1h 53min)

Genres : ,Action,Adventure,Drama

Director : Lewis Milestone ,

Writers : Michael Blankfort ,

Stars : Richard Widmark , Jack Palance , Reginald Gardiner ,

Synopsis and details :

A company of Marines races against the clock to find a Japanese rocket base.


Download Topkapi Dvdrip

Release Date : 1964 (2h)

Genres : ,Adventure,Comedy,Crime

Director : Jules Dassin ,

Writers :

Stars : Melina Mercouri , Peter Ustinov , Maximilian Schell ,

Synopsis and details :

A conman gets mixed up with a group of thieves who plan to rob an Istanbul museum to retrieve a jeweled dagger.

Pal Joey

Download Pal Joey Dvdrip

Release Date : 1957 (1h 51min)

Genres : ,Drama,Musical,Romance

Director : George Sidney ,

Writers :

Stars : Rita Hayworth , Frank Sinatra , Kim Novak ,

Synopsis and details :

Joey Evans is charming, handsome, funny, talented, and a first class, A-number-one heel. When Joey meets the former chorus girl ("She used to be 'Vera...with the Vanishing Veils'") and now ...

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